Travel Agent


Make up to 15% Commission

Earn up to 15% Commission

Our valuable partnership with travel agents builds reliable yield for agents and trusted comfort for the guests who travel to our luxury homes in Manzanillo, Mexico. If you're a travel agent looking to provide a unique experience to your clients, learn more about our above average commission rates and benefits through our travel agent partnership program. 

Why Work with Luxury Manzanillo?
All travel partnerships agents will be featured on our website as our preferred agents based on their locations
Travel agent partners will make up to 15% for every booking they confirm.
Travel agent partners can make over $3,000/Booking
Experience the benefit of working directly with the owners and avoiding third-party managers.
Why  Vacation at these homes?
Not only is this location a true escape to paradise, but your clients will live in luxury for a whole week.
We offer the best amenities for a luxury vacation package that no other home or hotel has.
Our guests at the homes are taken care of with a personal chef, cleaning staff, and manager to plan their whole week.